I’m a classically trained chef now turned coffee roaster. I grew up in a waterfront town on Long Island and have lived here for the majority of my life. I pride myself on being an Islander, raised by parents who worked hard for the living and to provide for their family. With over twelve years spent running some of the most successful and cutthroat kitchens on the Island I began to think of “what else could I be doing?” then coffee, once an afterthought became a daily obsession. I delved into the world of coffee and couldn’t get enough, why was certain coffee better and how can I make that for myself.

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Friday, 30 March 2018 16:55

3 Reasons Why Your Coffee Sucks

Quite the headline, I know. I’m sure you read that and said, “well, this should be interesting” or “who the [expletive] is this know it all anyways?” Well, don’t take it personally, you shouldn’t anyways because honestly, it just may not be YOUR fault. So who am I anyways? To give you a brief background I am a not a know it all, just someone who has turned a personal obsession into a new opportunity. I didn’t always have a love affair with coffee, I didn’t actually enjoy it until my mid twenties but all it took was one good cup to turn that switch on for me. There was something about this particular cup of coffee that I just couldn’t put a finger on why it was better but it was, drastically. Thus began my deep dive and from that is what eventually led me to starting Kings Coast Coffee Company with some of my best friends and now excellent business partners. So let’s deep dive and explore the top three reasons why your coffee may suck.