Justifiable187 is a long time gamer that became a CPA and never gave up gaming. The first game he played was Pong at a friend's house, then Atari 2600, then NES, and finally computer games. He was also the 'sound guy' for several metal bands in-between getting his degree in Accountancy. Early in his career as an accountant in Chicago, he work with many entertainment clients, including a few Hollywood names. If you've been to a club in Chicago, chances are he was behind the scenes taking care of the accounting and tax returns.

The name Justifiable187 started as an idea for a skin in Unreal Tournament in 1999. Justifiable187 asked himself "What are we doing here?" Answer "killing each other... but, it's justifiable." The skin was based on a sports jersey with "Justifiable" as the name and 187 in big block letters as the jersey number. 187 is the California code for homicide, popular in metal songs in the 90's.

He was a member of the Chicago LAN throughout the 2000's. He mained Demoman in TF2 with Chicago LAN at the 2008 PC Gamer Showdown LAN TF2 tournament, placing in the semi-finals.

In 2013, he was brought to Twitch because of the SyFy channel crossover series Defiance when Trion Worlds began broadcasting weekly updates. He became one of the top 10 players in the game, making him eligible to have his character move from the game to the show. His first Twitch broadcast was for Extra Life 2014, where he streamed a full 25 hours straight to raise money for the kids broadcasting along side Trion Worlds and participating in in-game activities with the community managers.

Justifiable187 began regular broadcasts in October 2017. He plays Atlas Reactor competitively on team Damage Incorporated in the Prep Phase League tournaments. Other game types he has been known to play are FPS such as Borderlands and Overwatch, and Third-person shooters like Defiance.

Combining the gaming and CPA, he recently launched GGtheCPA.com, a firm-of-the-future modeled firm not based on "hours billed" but a set price. He was a panelist of one at TwitchCon 2017, giving a solo talk on the Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Accounting and Taxes. VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/202951799

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